El Sabroso Chicharrones

While in the greater Seattle area we happened upon your Chicharrones and my husband thought he'd gone to heaven. Have been purchasing other, much lesser quality, pork rinds for some time. Since I hadn't seen them before I'm looking for where we can purchase them in the Palm Springs-Palm Desert, CA area. Any help will be appreciated - his big bag is almost gone!! Thanks

Guacachip - Delicious

I was given a bag of your Guacachip at the AIDS WALK yesterday. I just ate them and they were SO DELICIOUS! Not alot of sodium or carbs. WOO HOO! Thank you!

Product Comments - Jalapeno

Dear Sir: I just wished to write to you and tell you what a wonderful product you have in your Mild Jalapeno Tortilla Chips. We just picked up our first bag of them and have enjoyed it, and I just felt that you should know how much some of the us consumers feel for the product. I cannot fathom a grocery shopping expedition without picking up several bags of them. Please keep up the good work. Sincerely

Tortilla Rounds

Mmmm!! Crunch! Crunch! Mmmm! I'm eating your "tortilla rounds flavored with real tomatoes and avacados." Mmmm! I got the snack size in the vending machine at Wal*Mart in Loveland,Colorado and wanted to buy the big package, but there weren't any on the shelf. How can I get you to distribute this tasty product to Wal-Mart. Please respond!

Great Product - Salsitas

I just wanted to let you know how much my coworkers and I enjoy your ORIGINAL SALSITAS SALSA CHIPS. They are so fresh and full of flavor. We fight over who gets to the vending machine after it's been filled. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

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